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State Labor supports NSW government business package, but feds also need to help

NSW Labor welcomed the NSW government’s announcement today to support businesses right across the state, but also said the federal coalition needed to help causal workers.

“The federal government should also provide immediate financial support for casual workers who are amongst the hardest hit by the current COVID-19 lockdown,” NSW Labor opposition leader Chris Minns said.

“More is needed from the federal government for casual workers and there’s no support for the most vulnerable in NSW who are struggling to pay the rent over the next fortnight.”

Mr Minns added that the NSW Government’s business support package will be judged as much on the speed of the rollout and results as it will on the announcement.

“Small business support grants of between $5000 and $10,000 will provide some relief during the COVID-19 lockdown period,” he said.

“The government should be working with businesses to ensure those that those receiving grants are working to retain where possible their employees, particularly casual workers.

“It is critical this support for business and families gets out the door now.

“And is also important that programs like Dine and Discover are reoriented to provide support to households and hospitality and retail businesses right now, when that extra support is needed most.”

Labor suggests:

Institute another $25 voucher for online takeaway and delivery for use during the current COVID-19 lockdown, and;

Allow the $25 ‘Discovery’ vouchers to be used for dining so families have the option to use them during the lockdown and help drive jobs with restaurants and cafes.

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