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A quacking rescue mission

A leisurely Sunday walk turned into a rescue mission that eventually saw two errant ducklings reunited with their anxious mother.

Elderslie residents Gary (pictured in the drain with a helper) and Jackie Howell were enjoying a walk with their dog next to the local dog park at around 8am on Sunday, December 5, when he noticed a mother duck and six ducklings hovering above a stormwater drain at the corner of River Road and Purcell Street. The duck family scurried off when the trio approached.

“I could hear chirping and looked down into the drain and saw two ducklings,” Mr Howell said.

For a fleeting moment he thought about calling the fire brigade, before he was down on his knees removing the drain grate and jumping down. It wasn’t long before he had some more help.

“I managed to locate one of the ducklings and picked it up, the other ran away further in.

“People were at different points along the road listening for the duckling. It was located across the road down at another drain.” It was eventually rescued.

“People just stopped and asked us what we were doing and then suddenly everyone wanted to help.”

Mr Howell said it was a great show of community support.

“It wasn’t’ the usual Sunday morning walk.”

Mother duck had moved off a bit but the ducklings were quickly reunited with the family including the six siblings.

Newly re-elected Camden councillor, Eva Campbell, who was around the area collecting her election signage took some photos and said more has to be done to prevent similar incidents that mightn’t have such a happy ending.

“Signs alerting motorists that ducks are crossing are needed and some nets would be a good idea to stop ducklings disappearing down the drain.

“If the dog walkers hadn’t noticed…they wouldn’t have been rescued. It was a happy ending this time, anyway.”

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