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Jennifer Lambert gives a voice to industry groups and it’s her service to business that has seen her awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM).

Ms Lambert who lives at Werombi is “honoured and chuffed” to have received the recognition.

She said there are a lot of people who do similar work to herself, but she felt privileged to have been nominated.

“It came as a complete surprise to me; it’s nice that a range of people have taken that effort.

“I have worked with not-for-profit industry bodies for 40 years.”

She finds policy and advocacy interesting work.

Up until 2022 she represented Australia’s peak industry group, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“I was the policy director and twice acting CEO of that organisation.”

Ms Lambert’s different roles has seen her deal with a myriad of industries and issues - employment, skills, education and migration policies and even energy and climate change policies.

Her foray into business after finishing her degree saw her working for an insurance company as a share analysist.

“A role came up with the Hotel Association four decades ago dealing with industrial awards and I was keen; I stayed in industry associations.”

Ms Lambert said while many graduates don’t think of industry associations as a career, she said it can be a very satisfying path.

She gives a voice to businesses in an industry for whatever reason. She said businesspeople usually don’t have the time, information or avenue to develop and formulate policies with major stakeholders from state to federal levels – it’s people like her who advocate and lobby.

“People can use their industry organisation to vent frustrations or their issues - even the success of a particular policy.

“We truly a pluralist society and it is about lots of different voices that give you the right balance” Ms Lambert said.

The mother of two daughters has lived in Werombi for 21 years and enjoys coming home to the tranquillity of rural living.

Ms Lambert has held several positions:

Director, Economics, Employment and Skills, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 2011-2022.

Chief Executive Officer, National Tourism Alliance, 2007-2010.

Chief Executive, Nursery and Garden Industry Australia, 2005-2007.

Chief Executive Officer, Meetings and Events Australia, 1999-2005.

Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant and Catering Industry Association New South Wales, 1994-1999.


Professor Brett Summerell’s love of plants stems from his childhood and his passion to study and protect Australia’s unique flora has seen him become a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

Prof Summerell was acknowledged for his service to the environment through plant pathology and mycology. His interest is in fungi and helping to protect other plant life from diseases and to “survive better”.

He has been performing this vital scientific research for 35 years at the Botanic Gardens of Sydney, describing more than 120 new species of fungi and publishing over 150 journal articles, books and book chapters.  


For the past two decades the Douglas Park residents has also led more than 100 scientists, students, volunteers and support staff while helping to establish vital scientific facilities such as PlantClinic, the Australian PlantBank and the National Herbarium of New South Wales. 

 Prof Summerell was grateful to see the important work his team does to protect and promote plants acknowledged on the national stage. 

 “This honour is not just a recognition of my work, but of all the people I work with to protect Australia’s unique plant life from extinction,” he said. 

 “I hope this recognition will inspire more people to discover the power of plants and the inherent value they provide to our everyday lives. 

 "Plants sometimes get neglected in the scheme of the environment, but if we are going to combat the issues of climate change and biodiversity loss, we have to start with saving plants first.” 

 A self-proclaimed “plant person”, Professor Summerell has been fascinated by fungi and plants his entire life.  

The professor’s life has been more than laboratory he has had the opportunity to visit “some amazing places”.

“I have been in the secret gorge where the Wollemi Pine live…that was an amazing experiencing being able to abseil down [a few times].”

He has travelled far and wide to tropical rainforest and deserts in Australia and has never disappointed by the unique flora.

His passion and enthusiasm for the natural world is why he chose to study a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney in 1985 where he also won the University Medal as the top ranked student in that year. 

Prof Summerell, husband and father of two, will be spending the day visiting his mother, Patricia, whose birthday is on Australia Day –  it will be a double celebration – one to mark 88 years and the other to mark years of dedication and commitment.



A designated $1,388 million has been allocated in the NSW Budget for Picton bypass planning – but as yet no final figure or timeline as to when the road will be built.

The funding has been welcomed by Wollondilly Independent MP, Judith Hannan who has been lobbying for the bypass since she was mayor of Wollondilly and now as a parliamentarian – it was an election commitment.

Mrs Hannan welcomed the designated funding which is a step in the right direction towards getting the road shovel ready.

Speaking from Parliament House, she said the announcement is a win for the residents of Picton and Wollondilly as a whole.

“The Picton bypass is more than a political football for the residents of Picton, who have seen government after government fail to follow through on promises that this essential piece of infrastructure be built.

“The inclusion of $1.388 million that has been allocated for Picton Bypass planning is a small step and I look forward to the full costings and timeframe for the finalised option now being worked on by the government,” Mrs Hannan said.

She said the inclusion of the planning of the bypass “means that it won’t be renounced in future years”.

“I thank the Minister for Roads John Graham, Minister for Transport Jo Haylen, Minister for Regional Roads Jenny Aitchinson and Premier Chris Minns for recognising that this project needs to start now – if not yesterday.”

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