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The NSW Government has done a good job in so far as handling the COVID-19 pandemic and full marks for its response and assistance.

But, it earns a big fail, when it comes to the recent parking fees introduced at Campbelltown Hospital.

These fees will hurt health workers - the very same people who were the front line workers during the pandemic.

Patients and visitors will also be forking out money and when needing outpatient services or visiting loved ones, it's also a bit rich, when there is no adequate public transport.

The government has responded by saying money raised from the fees will also go towards the health system.

South West Sydney seems to bear the brunt of fees and charges - and they are usually aimed at those who can least afford it.

The state government really needs to rethink how it raises its revenue. This isn't the way to do it. 


In terms of jobs, Tahmoor Colliery is expected to  stay open despite an international financial institute wanting to close the parent company.

The bank is chasing monies from one of debtors that loaned funds to the company that owns the colliery. It's a complicated story, but  the CFMEU is confident workers will have their jobs.

Amid the new there's an article on the propagation of the oldest camellia plant in thanks to some keen conservationists. 

Peruse the paper and learn what else is happening in Camden and Wollondilly.

- Lee Abrahams, Editor

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